Slow Roasted Tomatoes: Salvaging Old Produce

Slow Roasted Tomatoes

The weekend is when I put together the shopping list and brave the grocery store. Since I’m a little neurotic I plan out all my meals so every item is used. Of course, there always seems to be something I forget to add to a recipe, and that really bothers me because I hate wasting food.

Tomatoes generally make it onto my grocery list on a weekly basis, even if they don’t belong to a particular recipe. Soak them in olive oil, put on a little pepper, and you have yourself a delicious treat. Sadly, sometimes I forget them lurking in the fruit bowl and by the time I’ve spotted them again they’ve gone wrinkly.

Does this happen to you as well? Have no fear because there is an easy way to salvage most produce that is going bad: slow roasting.

Slow Roasted Tomatoes

Pasta and Tomatoes

With low heat and a little patience some sad tomatoes are quickly turned into a delicious afternoon meal. If you really get them dried all the way you can pack them in olive oil and savor them from the fridge.

 Pasta and Tomatoes

The same theory can also be applied to greens like spinach or kale. Nothing is better than a bowl of kale chips. Honestly.



Pasta used was from the gluten free brand Schar (the big yellow box!) It’s on the pricier side but you get a lot in a box. However, it isn’t the best pasta for reheating so making small amounts is a better idea.


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