Jocellyn’s Jewelry Collection

Bangles and Bracelets

Aside from my grandmother’s pink star sapphire ring which I never take off, I’m not someone who must wear jewelry every day. I do like to have some ready in case the opportunity for a fun piece presents itself, though.

Here are a few of my favorite things.

Ring Holders

So you all remember Hector my positively adorable cactus? Well, my former roommate saw these salt and pepper shakers on a road trip and brought them back for me. Coincidentally they hold my favorite rings perfectly.

Druzy and Aquamarine

Left: A Marcia Moran Druzy ring I bought as a graduation gift

Right: A flamboyantly large and baller aquamarine ring that my mother gave to me last year

 Antique Watches

I also have a thing for collecting broken, vintage watches. I do have a huge gold one that works, but sometimes I like to wear these as accessories.


Gold and Silver Bangles

I love my bangles, but since I have a desk job I can’t really wear them without having them clank all day. The silver and gold ones are my favorite. I know Alexi and Ani is all the rage, but my wallet and I like my thrifted ones more.

Earrings and Rings

I have extremely sensitive ears that get irritated easily, so I can’t wear earrings as much as I’d like too. The feather ones are vintage and belonged to my mother.


Delicate Necklace

Bright, bold statement necklaces work on some women, but I don’t really pull them off. However, I like to think that this chunky silver number makes quite a statement. The delicate blue one is also a favorite as well.

Are you a jewelry person? Show me your favorite things!




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