Sweet Tooth: A Green Watermelon Juice Recipe

watermelon juice 2

In case you hadn’t noticed, the world of I Dream of Poutine has been quiet for the past month. However, I’m in a new apartment and feeling 100% happier and more at ease, which means I’m ready to start up my writing once more. Yes, I moved…again! I’m in a cheaper spot that is far more relaxed and I look forward to coming home every night instead of dreading it; pictures of the new place to come.

Anyway, I’m not sure about your location, but the weather in Vermont has been phenomenal these past few days. We certainly paid our dues this winter and it feels great to be able to drink a green juice without feeling out of place.

This is a really simple recipe that doesn’t involve the use of a juicer. In fact, you don’t even need a high powered blender (I have a $20 cheapie) since we’ll be using liquids and watermelon, which, as the name obviously implies, is filled with lots of water.

All you need is watermelon, spinach, unflavored coconut water (I really prefer Zico, but Naked is more than fine if you cannot find it), and a nut milk bag. Cheese cloth can also be used to strain, but a nut milk bag is easier to clean.

water melon juice 1

water melon juice 3

Simply cut the watermelon into medium chunks and add half to the blender. Add in half the coconut water and see how well the blender does at breaking down the contents. Slowly start to add in the remaining watermelon, coconut water, and spinach in batches. You’ll likely fill the pitcher with this recipe, so keep a hand on the cover to avoid any devastating spills.

watermelon juice 4

water melon juice 5

Once the mixture is well-blended strain into a nut milk bag that is placed over a mixing bowl (preferably one that has a spout so the juice can be easily transferred into a glass). 1 strain should be fine, but two never hurt!

Voila, you have yourself a delicious juice. I love that it looks like a really heady-concoction, but in reality it is very sweet and easy to sip on.




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