A Trip to Montreal

My family was never big on Memorial Day Weekend. We didn’t go to the parade, and depending on New England’s finicky weather sometimes the pool was open and sometimes it had to wait a little longer.

Because I’m not naturally tuned into this 3-day weekend, I forgot about it until the last minute. Since I have no large amounts of money to take a long vacation (and I’m not sure where I would go anyway), it seemed like a great time to utilize my Godfather’s condo in Montreal. Here are some pics from an earlier trip wayyy back in 2012 right after I turned 21.

The pub I love!

The pub I love!

Since my last name is "Harvey" the photo seemed fitting.

Since my last name is “Harvey” the photo seemed fitting.

A look at my Godfather's condo living room

A look at my Godfather’s condo living room

Ah, back when I used to photo bomb.

Ah, back when I used to photo bomb.

Seedy, Seedy.

Seedy, Seedy.

I had gone up there twice back in college with my boyfriend at the time. My Uncle visits this location on a monthly basis to pay the mortgage, but he mainly uses the place for friends to crash if they’re visiting the city. It’s directly behind the Bell Center (aka: Centre Bell), which is a few blocks down from Saint Catherine Street which has many shops and a few seedy strip clubs with all you can eat buffets… (aka: Danseuse houses).

I plan on doing this trip solo, so not only will it be my first vacation in years, but also my first alone. The days will be spent bumping around the shops, catching up on reading, and enjoying afternoon martinis. The nights will be spent at a pub very close to the condo where I feel comfortable and in a bubble bath. I also plan on visiting the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts as well as a huge local park if the weather is kind. Maybe I’ll even pop into a yoga class, and I will of course partake in the native poutine!

Does anyone have ideas of local places or restaurants I should check out? Please, let me know!




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