Gin & Tonics, Jiggly Exploration, and Naps: My Trip to Montreal

Montreal Condo Decor

I’m a huge proponent of alone time. Maybe it’s the Pisces in me that enjoys being both an introvert and an extrovert, but as much as I love schmoozing with people I enjoying being alone and wearing my bulky green robe the most. While I wanted to take a friend up with me to Montreal for Memorial Day Weekend, I’m glad no one was available, because I was able to do what I wanted when I wanted; a perfect way to recharge.

I arrived late in Montreal on Friday and stayed in with a Gin & Tonic so I’d be well rested for the next day. I met up with a girl I went college with who had recently moved to the city, and she showed me some shopping spots that were off the beaten Saint Catherine Street Path. Of course I did shop the main stores, and I even ended up buying these amazingly cute and comfortable cutout booties. Post to come soon.

The Lost Boys? They performed on the street for over an hour. Maybe this is how French Canadian kids do "summer camp"?

The Lost Boys? They performed on the street for over an hour. Maybe this is how French Canadian kids do “summer camp”?


Street art everywhere

Street art everywhere

I was out shopping and walking until seven at night, so I went home and promptly passed out on couchzilla (my uncles name for his extremely over-sized piece of furniture), with a Gin & Tonic not far away.

This, my friends, is the reason going on a vacation alone is the best. You can sleep whenever you want. Wake up whenever you want. Stay in or go out whenever you want. You get to be as selfish or lazy as you choose, and it’s a beautiful thing.



A wise wine bottle. Don't need to tell me twice ;)

A wise wine bottle. Don’t need to tell me twice πŸ˜‰

The blanket was a perfect set of soft PJs

The blanket was a perfect stand in for my green robe


On Sunday I went adventuring to a market. Like every “please rob me right now” tourist I had my camera around my neck and a map that was as wide as my arm span to get me around the city. Thankfully, no one tried to take my bag πŸ˜‰

street art


I'll have to stop in next time.

I’ll have to stop in next time.

Entrance to Atwater Market

Entrance to Atwater Market

Atwater Market

I stumbled upon one market I wasn’t planning on visiting (Atwater Market) and was amazed by all the fruit and flower stands. I dipped into a heavenly chocolate shop for some cacao truffles.

I continued onward in search of this other market and decided to get over my stubbornness and ask for directions at a used book store. The kind owners informed me that it was pointless to visit the other market (Atwater was much better), so with a book in hand I decided to head back.

My sweet set of wheels

My sweet set of wheels

At this point my lazy American feet were in no condition to walk back the 2 miles I’d come from, so I surprisingly leapt outside of my comfort zone and rented a BIXI. They are bulky, but much faster than walking. As someone that doesn’t even bike in Burlington I was quite surprised at my helmet-less decision, but desperate times call for ballsy action.

Ladies, some things to consider when riding a BIXI: if you are well-endowed your breasts will jiggle substantially; strapless bras need not apply. Also, if you are wearing a dress accept the fact that everyone coming toward you will likely see you unmentionables, so be sure you are wearing your cutest undies (which you should be doing anyway when you wear a skirt or dress…right?)

The bike trip was fun and exhilarating, despite the bouncing. I felt carefree and when I almost caused a four-lane accident I laughed, because, hey, I’d never run into these drivers again! Also, I gave them a free jiggle show, so they couldn’t be all that upset.

Montreal Condo

Quirky Mother's Tongue plant

Quirky Mother’s Tongue plant

Cool, right?

Pretty impressive.

It gets even better!

It gets even better!


17 Stories Up.

17 Stories Up.

Montreal garden plots

All the walking and amazing sunshine had tuckered me out, so I went home for yet another couchzilla nap. After awaking from my slumber I strapped on my new shoes, a cute outfit, and took myself out on a very expensive dinner date at Vargas Cocktail Grill. The Lychee Martini was as strong as it was delicious, and the braised lamb soft and flavorful.

Stomach full and wallet sufficiently lighter, I popped into a hotel bar to catch The Canadiens play against the NYR. I cheered for CH (when in Rome) and made friends with a very nice gentleman from Alabama who was traveling for work.

I scooted out a few minutes before the game ended and the crowds got out. Once back at the condo I took a long soak in the very deep and spacious tub. Candles were of course invited, along with a glass of wine.

Monday had finally rolled around. It was my final day in Canada and frankly I was tried. Around 2 I bumped up to the Contemporary Art Museum. I’m not sure if it was closed for the day, or if the sign said “Use the other door” in French, but I decided my feet weren’t ready to hold me up while looking at art. The weather was also muggy and damp, so instead of reading at Park Royal I decided to head back to the States. There’s always next time, and I can’t say enough good things about my solo and cell-phone/internet free getaway.






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