Dry Rubbed Ribs and Sweet Summer Corn

I love large kitchen productions on the weekend, but sometimes I want a meal that is delicious yet involves the smallest amount of effort. With that in mind, I turn to one of my favorite comfort foods: ribs.

Ribs are incredibly easy to make in the oven and thanks to the low, long cook your house won’t get too hot in the summer and you’ll have plenty of time to get some tasks done while the ribs turn juicy.

I by no means have an Ivy League understanding of cooking ribs, but I’ve used this recipe on the Pioneer Woman’s blog for the past 3 years and it has never let me down. It is simple, quick, and while I enjoy eating ribs that are gooey with sauce, I like this dry rubbed version.

Rib Rub

Rib Rub

There is something visceral about cooking meat, and I enjoy opening up a package of ribs. The rub is easy to whip up and you can make a larger batch to use later.




Place some tinfoil under the ribs and put the ribs directly on to the stove’s grates. I promise they will be easy to get out later.



Ribs alone does not a meal make, so I love an additional side, like sweet summer corn. Use Google to find different methods for cooking corn. Oven roasting wasn’t necessarily my favorite, but in the vein of wanting to follow hands off approach it worked well.


Corn husks

Finally, crack open a cool beer or cider and enjoy the afternoon. Don’t forget the napkins either!




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