Steve Madden Cutout Ankle Bootie

Steven Madden Booties

Shopping in Montreal isn’t a smart thing to do as an American, especially if you are from Vermont or any state where there is no sales tax on clothing. However, the allure of blocks upon blocks of shops is sometimes too great and when I saw the style of shoe I’ve long wanted displayed in a window I had to go try them on because I’m all about signs from on high.

Steven Madden Booties

Ankle booties are my favorite, and I’ve always gotten a little sad when I have to retire them for the summer. That is why I love these ones with the cutouts that give a more summer-friendly look to the familiar structure. If you are looking for a nice pair of shoes to wear out at night that aren’t stick-thin heels you should definitely consider this style.

Steve Madden Booties

Steven Madden Booties

Like any shoe, materials matter. These were quite a splurge for me ($145), but the real leather is buttery, comfortable, and stretches perfectly for a day of stomping the pavement. I only got one teeny blister and it wasn’t a bad one. I also like the button clamps that will hold out longer than Velcro and won’t make any potentially weird noises.

Now, I know some of my readers also love the ankle bootie style, so show me a link to your favorite pair 😉



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