Delicate Calvin Klein Heels


I’ve almost been 23 for three months, and thus far it has been an exciting time. I officially feel like a 20-something—a term I used to loathe but now accept with a bit of laughter and understanding.

When I was 22 I was graduating college. I was getting started with a job. It was all exciting and new. Now a year has passed since my graduation and it has all really set in. I officially feel like I’m a young professional, a growing woman, and at times it is exciting, but it can often be very daunting and scary.

But, this isn’t a blog where I talk ad nauseam about those scarier elements like income angst, my painful single lady status, and thinking of getting a dog. Instead, like many blogs, it’s where you get to see all the good things happening in my life (promise, it’s not alllll perfect *wink wink*). So, I was thinking: what can be better than seeing my new grown-up shoes?!

Calvin Heels

Calvin K. Heels

I’ve always appreciate the beauty of shoes, but until recently I used to be a purse person. However, I’ve slowly realized that only having a few footwear choices isn’t great when you’re constantly wearing them down, so I’ve started investing in some nice purchases (like the Steve Madden Cutout Booties)

Calvin K. Heels

Calvin K. Heels

I saw this pair at TJ Maxx and practically died on site. I love their sexy simplicity and the mixture of textures. The gold bar across the toe adds a luxe-essence. The shape is flirty, feminine, yet mature. The heels are high enough to make the legs look amazing, but not too high so one teeters like they’re coming out of a loud club.

These heels will have a great time highlighting my denim skinny jeans and black dresses.




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