Remixing the Gin and Tonic

I’m a big fan of complex cocktails, whether I’m making them myself or leaving it to the pros at my favorite bars. Still, there is nothing better than the simple two-ingredient drink that lets the alcohol shine through.

Many people like vodka sodas, but I lean toward the gin and tonic side of things. I wasn’t always like that, though, and I think it had to do with that time I ordered an ill-advised dirty gin martini from a bartender who should have said “no, no, no!”

Despite that terrible Christmas Morning gone wrong flavor that was seared onto my taste buds and into my memory, a former roommate got me into the spirit. Because of that, I realize drinkers sometimes need a training wheel recipe to get their taste buds acquainted to a new kind of booze.

Gin & Tonic Variation

I came up with this idea on a whim in Montreal. I suggest using 1.5-2 shots of gin, but the amount of tonic and juice is up to you, depending on your initial tolerance to gin. The berries add a colorful touch, but the cucumbers are absolutely necessary for this recipe, as well as in a basic gin and tonic, because they add a flavor that is cool and clean.

This is a great drink for gin newbies as well as gin-connoisseurs that’re looking for a summer twist on the classic.




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