Strawberry, Banana, Citrus Juice (add champagne)

fresh juice

Citrus juice

2 for 1 strawberry sales roll through Price Chopper on a regular basis and I always take advantage. I typically reserve one package for regular snacking and the other for an “on a whim” recipe. A few weeks ago it was unnaturally warm, and I had a hankering for a juice that would satisfy my sweet tooth.

Unlike most juices I share this one contains no greens, and while I didn’t have any champagne or prosecco on hand (shocking, I know) this recipe would be absolutely amazing with a healthy dose of the bubbly.

Recipe (as always, adjust to your liking)

1 heaping handful of strawberries

2 oranges (Valencia, juicing, Blood, whatever variation you like)

1 banana

With a citrus attachment, “juice” your oranges and grapefruit.

Using cheese cloth or a nut milk bag, strain out the pulp


Orange juice

Citrus and berriesOrange juice

Next, juice your strawberries. You won’t get a ton of juice, but what you do get is potent and delicious. I’ve never juiced a strawberry, but what I found interesting is that the juicer ripped out the inside and left like “skin”, instead of squishing the berry as expected. If you wanted to, these would be great to roast for a dried treat, but they can be gobbled up ASAP; waste not want not.



Once the oranges and strawberries have been juiced, add to blender with banana and blend until smooth.

If you are hosting a brunch and want to make this a night or several hours in advance, I suggest blending in the banana right before serving.

Citrus Juice

Whether you go boozy or keep it non-alcoholic, this is a very smooth and delicious drink that’s quite pretty.





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