My Summer: By Way of Instagram

This summer I’ve been noticeably absent from I Dream of Poutine. In my defense I think that a lot of bloggers, especially those who don’t make a significant amount of their income from their web musings, step back from their sites to enjoy the Vitamin D.

For a moment I felt bad about it, but we only get so many months of warmth in New England, thus I wanted to take full advantage of these beautiful months.

So, to make up for being away, here are some of my favorite Instagram photos from the summer. The majority were taken from my iPhone, as I didn’t want to take my Canon to the hot beach. The apps VSCO and Mextures help give my photos that great look. Hang in for the long ride!


This is my favorite antique shop: Barge Canal Market. It’s filled with amazing pieces, though most are fitted for those with a $100K+ income who’re looking to furnish their loft with Eames-like chairs and ‘60s retro looks. Still, I love poking around.


I love getting brunch out…but making brunch in is pretty awesome(and cost effective), and as awesome as local meats are, canned corned beef hash is the bees knees.

dl1961 boyfriend jeans

After months of searching for a boyfriend jean I finally found a pair at Second Time Around by DL1961. They look so great with flats, heels, or my Steve Maddens.

freepeople dress

Another Second Time Around find! It’s a Free People bodycon dress that is a creeper—aka: it’s much better to stand in than walk in, unless you like a bit of cheek showing 😉 Still, it was worth it.


In Burlington there are three main beaches: Oakledge, North Beach, and Leddy. Leddy doesn’t require a parking pass and with no lifeguards you can bring floats and glass bottles. It’s like the lawless West.


Shhh! Don’t tell my friends that this Maine Girl bought lobster from a Price Chopper on 2 occasions!


The OP (the Other Place) is considered a dive bar, but it’s free of the bro-scene and it’s one of the first bars I went to when I turned 21, so it has a place in the cockles of my heart. On Sunday’s they do a Mimosa special and the bartenders are never liberal with the bubbly.

mushroom photography

This fungus amungus is beautiful; people who don’t enjoy mushrooms, even when cooked in butter and herbs, make me uncomfortable.


Hen of the Wood is a great local restaurant for the “Vermont Elite Foodies” and lucky tourists staying at next door’s Hotel Vermont. But for us plebeians on meager salaries there is always oyster night. For $1 a pop I can sit in this impossibly swanky meets rustic restaurant and slurp these sea-worthy goodies down to my heart’s content.

plant lights

I love my plants. They’re my babies. They deserve to shine.

plant shelf

The pineapple and clock were both great Goodwill finds, IMHO, and give some extra style to my plant’s home.

rainy summer shopping outfit

This cowl neck sweater has been one of my favorites and this stretch faux-acid denim washed skirt are a great match.

sage burning

I’m always open to trying new things, so when I found that my old roommate had left a jar of dried sage it seemed like smudging my rooms for top-notch energy would be a good idea. Let me tell you: burnt sage smells like the devils grass!

striped dress

I bought a stripped maxi dress this summer because I realized with the right belt set up high on my waist it makes my bum bum look almost Kardashian. #aintnoshame

summer books

Despite being a writer I’m not one to settle down and read a book, but after seeing the trailer for Cosmopolis last year I wanted to read the book and the really inexpensive price tag swayed me. And Cookie Sutra? That was a give in!

summer skirt

I love this outfit! The whole thing was thrifted. The skirt is so 90s floral, the hat makes me feel like I belong at Coachella, and the shirt is a great green.


My company is always expanding and more than 100 of us moved to a new building. I was a bit bittersweet at first, but we’re closer to this private beach! For the first week during our hour lunch I’d go swimming with friends. These sunflowers led the way 😉

thrift sunglasess

Every summer I find the best pair of $1.99 sunglasses at Goodwill. Yes they’re cheap, but they’re one of a kind so it’s sad when I break them! Thankfully, this pair has survived the long haul.


Who doesn’t regulate their body by poking a toe or two out? This summer was a bit steamy, so my toes did this quite often!


The unique combinations from Tomgirl Juice saved me on many a hot summer afternoon. Even better, I got to walk away with a mason jar with each purchase 🙂

 trek roadbikes

I recently got back on my road bike and I forgot how much I missed the feeling of flying around paved paths. My lower region may disagree, but no pain no gain.

How’s your summer been? I’m glad to be back!




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