Preparing my Closet for Fall

Fall clothing

This Vermont summer was absolutely magnificent. We had so many beautiful days and I definitely got a delicious dose of vitamin d. Then, out of nowhere, the temps dropped. It went from the 80s to the 60s in the span of two days, signifying that fall was ready to arrive.

I do love the warmth, but I have to say that fall just might be my favorite season. Once I’m used to the temps they aren’t so bad. Plus the foliage around New England is amazing. And the air smells divine. Furthermore, I love layering up in scarves, long-sleeves, and jackets- something you can’t do in the summer without melting like an ice cream cone!

My fall/winter outfit selection is quite extensive, but here are some old favorites and new pieces that I’m excited to wear out (and read) in the coming months.

Fall Clothing

Coach Bag and Scarf

Books and Shoes

I’ve had the gray circle scarf for ages. It’s chunky, full of texture, and looks wonderful dressed up or dressed down. The shoes were a cute, barely-worn find @ Goodwill ($5.99). This burgundy suede Coach bag I bought in the summer at the consignment chain Second Time Around. It was originally $100, but I got it on sale for $70, so I was happy I held out. The book is, well, not necessarily a fall-only read, but now that it’s getting cooler I have more excuses to stay in and snuggle into my reading chair.




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