Fall is cold….

blanket and mug

My last post was about preparing my closet for fall and it was so hunky dory scarves this and cute shoes that. Well, that was Saturday morning and Sunday took a turn for the worst. The apartment officially chilled over and I finally had to shut all the windows that had been opened for months. I kid you not: flies were clinging to window panes to die. It was vile, and the worst of it was I had to go to bed in socks. Yes, socks.

Sleeping in socks is a weird, claustrophobic habit to begin with, but since I’m someone who normally sleeps naked  I felt like I was getting strangled. Or perhaps water-boarded. Too much? Well, we’ll settle on strangled.

I guess it’s time to get out the mugs and thick, fun patterned blankets, because, baby, it’s starting to get cold outside.




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