Natural Skincare: DIY Lavender Toner

DIY Lavender Toner

Some people get great hair, some people get great gams, and some people have skin you just want to touch without first asking permission. Well, not to toot my own horn, but I (or should I say my parents) definitely picked the right numbers when it came to winning the lottery for good skin.

I rarely break out, and I don’t need concealer or foundation, so my skincare routine is pretty bare bones and a bit hippy-dippy; I wash my face with ground oatmeal and moisturize with coconut oil, and I’ve done so for many years.

However, I also like to use a toner some days during the week, and since many skincare products can be harsh I like something basic and refreshing, so I decided to make my own!

Making your own toners, or skincare products in general, is very easy, especially when you have some dried lavender lying around 🙂

DIY Lavender Toner

DIY Lavender Toner

You’ll need a few tablespoons of dried lavender buds, witch hazel, a spoon, and 2 brown bottles (one larger bottle and one smaller one with a dropper is preferable).

You can find these bottles at co-ops and they’ll cost you about $1-$3 dollars a pop, depending on size. You’ll want a brown bottle because it’ll help the product keep longer than in a clear bottle- wonderful mason jars need not apply this one time.

Lavender buds

Toner Bottles

In the bigger bottle, put in a few spoonfuls of lavender. Afterward, add in the witch hazel to cover.

You’ll want to have ample room for the buds to expand, so don’t completely fill the bottle. Lavender Buds

Lavender Toner

After the bottle has been filled and swirled a few times put it into a dark closet for 1-2 weeks, depending on your desired strength. Every few days give the bottle a shake.

Once the toner has settled long enough, strain to remove the buds. Place the liquid into the smaller bottle with the dropper. Toner can either be kept in the fridge (nice and cooling for warmer months),but keeping it in the bathroom is fine.


Toner will keep for several months, but if it ever smells funky throw it out; to be on the safer side, make smaller batches.

Many recipes online will call for the use of lavender oil for enhanced strength and smell. I visited a store to look for some essential oils and when I told the owner (who makes her own product line) she said that oils can be rather harsh, and people often use them and come in later with skin sensitivity issues. Trust me, the toner will smell fragrant enough without the addition of oils.

As always, test on a small area of skin to see if it irritates you.

People will tell you toner should be used daily, so it’s good to stick to a “regular” schedule, but if your face doesn’t need it then it’s totally okay to take a day or two off.

Now, go into the new season with luscious skin!




5 thoughts on “Natural Skincare: DIY Lavender Toner

    • It takes a bit of patience, but they’re so easy to whip up! I’m actually going to be straining mine on Sunday, so we’ll see how it goes! Last time I only did 4 days and it was great, but we’ll see what 2 weeks feels like.

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