Leopard Print Nicole Flats

Nicole Leopard Flats

Lately I’ve been searching high and low for the perfect pair of leopard print shoes. Leopard is hard to work with because you’ve got to get the right color and spot size and shoe style so you don’t look like one of your bad Aunts who shops exclusively a Chico’s. Okay, not all of Chico’s is bad, but you know the section I’m talking about….

I lucked out a few weeks ago when I was downtown perusing this great shoe store (Stella-Mae) and came across these honeys. Not only is the leopard print at the front great, but the back half is this beautiful steel-blue glitter. I like to think of it as wild in the front and glitzy in the back.

Nicole Leopard Flats

Nicole Leopard Flats

Nicole Flats

You also can’t beat that sales price either!

Nicole Flats

I’m extremely happy with this purchase, though I am still on the prowl for a “true” leopard print pair in either a heel or a flat. These Steve Madden and Aldo examples certainly fit the bill, but I definitely would want to try them on in person.




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