DL1961 Boyfriend Jean Perfection

DL1961 Boyfriend Jean

I’m short (a solid 5’3 and half), so the arrival of the skinny jean was something I rejoiced! No longer would I have tattered hems that were dingy and unattractive. No longer would I have to consider visiting a seamstress to get my pants hemmed, which was an extra fee that wasn’t part of my budget.

What am I talking about? Getting my pants hemmed for $30 still isn’t a feasible clothing expense!

Anyway, the skinny jean naturally lends itself to cuffing, so for years they’ve been my “go-to” style.

However, you might remember that during this summer I got a pair of awesome Steve Madden Cutout Booties, and while they look good with skinnies they’re definitely made for a slouchy boyfriend pair. That was it. I had to expand my denim repertoire!

My hunt for the perfect boyfriend jean was long and frustrating. I wanted a nice dark denim that was truly slouchy, like I actually picked them off my (non-existent) boyfriend’s floor, not the type that is tight in the bum and all lies.

I was so happy when months later I finally came across this amazing DL1961 Riley pair! They were $50 at Second Time Around and they fit “like a glove.” Well, a very loose, distressed, yet fashionable glove.

DL1961 Boyfriend Jean

Cuffed DL1961 Denim

DL1961 Boyfriend Jean

Not only do they go well with my Madden’s, but also my Calvin Klein heels. A good quality knit pulls the outfit together for a look that is laid back and chic. Wear it to the office (if denim is allowed, of course), or out for drinks, or to go shopping with a friend!

DL1961 Boyfriend Jean




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