A Weekend Seasoning my Cast Iron Pan

Cast iron pan to season

Because I’m a Pisces I’m a little bit of everything. I’m a loner; I’m a social butterfly; I’m quiet; I’m obnoxiously loud; I’m a lover; I’m a grudge holder; Etc; Etc; Some might find the duality exhausting, but I like being able to turn off one side and snuggle up to another without feeling much shame or guilt. In the words of Lady Gaga: Baby, I was born this way.

This weekend I’m dancing with my drawn in side, which actually happens quite often. But really it’s the perfect weekend to be a shut in: my roommate is visiting home and the weather is cloudy and, I imagine, a bit cold. So, not wanting to let a good “stay-in” day go to waste, I’m going to use my time inside to season my “new” cast iron.

Cast iron pan to season

When I was in college I had a love affair with cast iron. The heavy black pan was perfect for cooking eggs in and I loved the rustic feel. Then, I met Calphalon. And a lazy seasoning experience with my cast iron left them gummy and useless. One night, probably when I was drinking too much wine, I threw them away. They really were beyond help anyway- trust me.

However, once you go black cast iron you never truly go back, which was why I was pleased to find this $5 pan during my bi-weekly (aka: payday) trip to Goodwill! At 8 inches across it’s a perfect size for eggs, teeny pancakes, and cooking ambitious “personal size” servings of oven-baked and bubbling mac and cheese.

Relationship has officially been rekindled!

Cast iron pan to season

Like anything good in life, such as cooking ribs or falling in love, the best way to season cast iron is patiently and with an eye that is watchful but not obsessive. What oils and methods you use are up to you (Google: seasoning a cast iron pan and you’ll find dozens of opinions), but this time around I’m following the tips of What’s Cooking America that involves several re-coating and reheating cycles of the pan, which, going back to the beginning of this blog, is why I need to stay in this afternoon!

Out of all my excuses to be a recluse, this has been the best one yet. However, if you’re truly missing me, you can leave a bottle of Syrah at my doorstep as a “thinking about you” gift.





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