Green Juice and a Homemade Cleaner

green juice and DIY cleaner

I like a good old-timey phrase and “waste not, want not” is up there when it comes to sanctimonious quips I hope to someday unleash on my children and subsequent grandchildren. Whenever a situation of zero or close to zero waste arises thanks to my savvy thinking, I give myself a firm pat on the back. That is exactly what I did last weekend after making this green juice!

The recipe was simple and didn’t involve a ton of fruits and produce, as I only had juicing oranges, a big bag of spinach, and a sad, shriveled piece of ginger hiding in the corner to work with.

green juice

Needless to say, I chucked the ginger, juiced the oranges, and then transferred the sweet goodness into my blender. Then I added the spinach—a good salad’s worth—and whipped the two together until the mix was green and smooth. Since I didn’t want a smoothie consistency I got out my nut milk bag and strained out the liquids, leaving only a small amount of spinach pulp. Yeah, yeah, yeah: fiber is god and all.

The juice in question was delicious. The sweetness came down several notches thanks to the spinach, but it wasn’t one of those green concoctions where it tastes like you’re drinking lawn clippings.

green juice

I threw away the pulp (I know, I know) and I was going to add the orange peels to the mix when I noted that the night before I had put cleaning spray on the “to buy” list. Why buy it when I had fragrant peels and loads of vinegar lying around?

orange peels

orange peels

I sliced the peels into long strips, plated them for their mini photo shoot, and put them directly into a large mason jar. Then, I took some white vinegar (you can buy large, inexpensive jugs at the grocery store that are either cooking or cleaning grade) and covered the peels. Just like the Lavender Toner I made a few weeks ago, I placed the jar into the dark pantry and I’ve been giving it a few shakes whenever I reach passed it to grab a spice or some rice.

DIY orange cleaner

DIY orange cleaner

I have one more week to go, but I’m looking forward to straining and bottling this cleaner that will leave the apartment smelling like citrus!




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