Sleeping Soundly with a Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher

From a young age I knew I dreamed differently from many people. While most couldn’t remember what transpired when they closed their eyes I would have deep, engaging dreams. As I got older I started reading dream interpretation books and, without trying, I learned how to lucid dream.

Without going too deeply into the process, lucid dreaming is the act of controlling your dreams. If you’re really good you know when you’re dreaming, though I’ve never gotten that far. Still, it makes for an interesting night filled with adventures that are fun to reflect on the next day.

Dream Catcher

I take a good amount of interest in my dreams, so it’s not a big surprise that I appreciate the beauty and history behind dream catchers. Made to protect sleepers against bad dreams, the woven center of a dream catcher is set to trap bad dreams and the good ones slip down the feathers. I imagine this large one blocks out more bad dreams, since there is a good amount of material in the middle 😉 I’m not sure who made this dream catcher, as I found it in a local thrift shop, but it was clearly made with love and care.

Dream Catcher

Unfortunately for the first few months I had it the dream catcher didn’t fit right above my bed. Finally, when I moved into a new room with slightly higher ceilings and a very soft wall (perfect for push pins) I was able to put it in its proper place. I had some of the best sleep ever and still do!

Love (and sweet dreams),



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