Brussels Sprouts and Thanksgiving

Brussels Sprouts

Last year I cooked, photographed, and ate a (in my humble opinion) beautiful, non-orthodox Thanksgiving meal. Of course, I didn’t get those photos up on the site until April, but this year it’s only taken me a few weeks, so clearly I’m progressing in life.

Once again I decided not to go home for the holiday. While some may find it sad or downright horrifying, I actually don’t mind. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my family, but with married siblings going to different gatherings it wouldn’t have been much of a traditional sit down. Plus, I have years—hell, decades—to host big Thanksgiving feasts and attend my in-laws soirees and, basically, not have time to breath for one second; for now, I enjoy keeping it quiet.

My plans did get shaken up a little when my friend told me her mother wouldn’t be able to visit and that she’d be sticking around. I invited her over to join my low key afternoon, and since she’s also gluten-free I knew we’d have an exciting time making gluten-free pies without judgment 😉

Table Setting

Like countless others around the country, I got up early and cleaned and started cooking too late and fretted over my table setting choices and “done-ness” of the pork loin. In fact, I fretted so much that I only got time to take a photo of the pre-baked Brussels sprouts which I can safely say we devoured greedily. And while there is no photographic evidence of my now “traditional” whipped sweet potatoes and honey and herbed pork loin, I will still relay their tastiness.

Brussels Sprouts

Now, to figure out what to make for solo Christmas….




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