Rosemary and Sage Salt

Herbed salt

In hindsight, I realize I could truly benefit from having a mini-herb garden. I cook enough that having some basil, thyme or rosemary on hand would be quite useful, but since I have a penchant for over-watering plants and neglecting them at just the wrong stage of development I am forced to buy herbs from the grocery store.

Oh, the humanity.

Here’s the thing. Usually you only need a few sprigs or teaspoons for a recipe, which is why I’m generally left with a nearly full box of herbs hanging around the kitchen until they go bad or I find a recipe to use them in. Not feeling in the mood to work my grocery list around sage and rosemary (I mean, they’re good but not THAT good), I realized that what I could really use was some nice, herbed salt for sprinkling on eggs and over the occasional batch of kale chips I make steal from my roommate,putting in soups, and using to season burgers.


Making herbed salt is, as the young ones say, “dumb easy”. It’s also “dumb cheap” which, around this time of year with pricey snow tire changeovers, vehicle registrations, and snow boot purchases is very appreciated.

Dumb easy steps:

Put a cup of sea salt and herbs together in a food processor.

Ditch the teaspoons and tablespoons and break off herbs to their desired amount.

Give the mix a good 30 second whirl in the processor until well blended.

Place on a baking sheet in a 250 degree oven for 15 minutes. (You can also leave out by a window for a few days to dry, but I like the speediness and the delicious smell of lightly-baking herbs.)

Place in a mason jar, for obvious aesthetic reasons.


Herbed salt

Herbed salt

Herbed salt

Herbed salt

Herbed salt

Herbed salt




3 thoughts on “Rosemary and Sage Salt

    • Glad you liked the idea and I was thinking the same thing. Since you’re baking the herbs in the oven (or letting them dry out) the moisture that would cause spoiling should no longer be there. However, I’ve been keeping an eye on mine just in case 😉

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