My 2015 Resolution: all the books


I only have one resolution this year and it’s to read more books.

Not in some strict ‘every night for 30 minutes without fail’ way, but to indulge often.

How often is often, you might ask?

Often enough that I’ve found new characters and authors to fall in love with. Often enough that I no longer want to watch the same Futurama episode I’ve seen 20x before falling asleep and instead choose to cuddle up to a plot. Often enough that I have something to humble brag about at brunch or the bar. Often enough that I learned new ways to structure my own creative writing sentences and chapters. Often enough that they know the sound and cadence of my gait at the library. Often enough that I accidentally overdraw my bank account once getting that “must have” read. Often enough that I get at least 3 paper cuts from the whole ordeal.

You get where I’m going, right?

Love, and happy New Year,



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