Sweater Weather in Vermont

Once I discovered the maxi dress and its entire curve hugging capabilities I really started to enjoy dressing for the summer. The simplicity of slipping something over my head, accenting with a leather belt, and then throwing on a pair of sunglasses is something I can appreciate, especially since most summer mornings I’m dragging myself out of bed from a mean mimosa or pina colada hangover…on the weekends only, of course!

But, if I must be honest, dressing for the cooler months really owns my heart. I don’t particularly enjoy temperatures that make nose hairs freeze, but I love layering up in chunky scarves, cozy knits that just make you want to hug yourself, and rich leather gloves.

Now that the holidays are over and the stores aren’t filled with masses of crazy people invading my shopping bubble, I decided to meander down to Battery Street Jeans, a consignment store on Pine Street in Burlington that is located dangerously close to my job…. With $30 worth of store credit to burn through I stocked up on the coziest sweaters and winter accoutrement, which just so happened to be 50% off.



The bottom one is a fun tribal print from Old Navy, a store that sometimes surprises me with its designs and quality. It’s big, bulky, and meant for wearing around the apartment in socks, or for those days you feel bloated and want to cover your belly whilst not looking like a slob. The tan one is a cardigan that hangs low in the front, while still showing off the bum in the back. It’s very soft and very “going out to brunch”, if you know what I mean.

The thin gray number is absolute heaven and when I say it’s “perfection” I mean it and not in that over-used fashion blogger sense of the word. The blend is surprisingly nothing special, but it feels amazing and soft, like high-quality wool from some Italian goat. It’s on the lighter side, is tightly fitted, and has a turtle neck top that isn’t grandma-esque at all. Needless to say, it does great things for everyone’s tatas, so don’t be surprised if you catch a few dudes (or gals!) trying to snipe a peeksy.

Above the gray sweater is a really warm snood. Not to be confused with an infinity scarf, a snood is shorter and you won’t be able to wrap it around and around, but it’s bulkiness is nice on those really cold, aforementioned nose hair mornings. Then there is a brown slouchy hat, because cold ears are never fun, and a gold bracelet, because no one ever said “damn, I have too many bracelets!”

Hopefully I’m not the only one out there who has treated themselves to some post-Christmas gifts!




4 thoughts on “Sweater Weather in Vermont

  1. I read that at first as “Sweaty Weather”. I was thinking, I know it is in the positive temps now but lets not get ahead of ourselves XD.

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