Knitting, because I need a Hobby

Jade, a blogger from Sydney by way of Saigon (or is it Saigon by way of Sydney??- please enlighten me dear), has been a longtime follower of this site and recently my Instagram account. Frankly, I think she’s the coolest. I already told this budding architect that I was going to commission her to build all 4 of my houses. I look at her Instapics and wish I was one of her friends posting up on a boat in the Australian waters; lady, someday our paths will have to cross when they finally make a budget airline to down under.

Like any “friend” she has the right to point out my downsides, like how I haven’t been posting to this site for ages, which she so kindly did in a comment. And she’s right. I’m the worst when it comes to blogging. Maybe it’s because I spend 8 hours writing at work. It’s probably more because I’m smitten with Instagram and the ease of typing up a quick a caption. Regardless, I do need to give more attention to my savory Poutine site! Thanks for lighting that proverbial fire under my buns, Jade!

Okay, time to start a new intro:


I’m turning 24 in less than a month, which is crazy. Being 24 in Burlington is interesting. It’s the year I notice people, much like bored housewives, start to “get hobbies”. For example, this summer I’m going to have to pledge my allegiance to a kickball team, run a god-awful 5K Color Run, and pick up some obscure art skill, at the very least.

It’s still snowy out so I can put kickball thoughts on the back burner, and while the signups for the color runs have started making their rounds I haven’t even entertained the idea of dedicating myself to (gasp) running, unless it’s to the corner store for wine before they shut down. I guess that leaves picking up an obscure art skill, so I chose knitting.

Okay, knitting isn’t exactly obscure, but my late grandmother tried to teach me how to do it when I was little. I couldn’t really wrap my mind (or fingers) around the process at age 6, but after watching a few YouTube videos this past week I was able to get the hang of it within an hour. It must be my grandmother reaching up from below (do you think they’d let her into heaven? She’s a spitfire who is running the place and making the Devil whimper) and letting her skills flow through me.

The first few nights I spent time practicing casting on and working a knit stitch, unraveling it all and starting again. Yesterday I finally decided to work on my first 5-inch-long square so I could check my stitches. It is very relaxing and allows me to still watch TV without feeling like I’m a complete couch potato, because, hey, I’m working on a bonafide task! Excuse me while I do my “I have a hobby” wiggle.




2 thoughts on “Knitting, because I need a Hobby

  1. YES a new post!
    Instagram is a loveable blackhole isn’t it, so easy, so quick and that instant gratification haha. And you’ve also reminded me that I should start running… or maybe i should just pick up knitting too.

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