Milk & Honey Power Mini Bracelets

Botswana Agate – Adaptation helps one handle change in a positive way. Increases creativity and intuition. Said to alleviate insomnia and bring pleasant dreams.

Rose Quartz – Love Promotes love and passion. Opens the heart chakra to all forms of love: self love, family love, platonic love, and romantic love.

When it comes to bracelets I’m normally a fan of going the thrift store route. I love finding those unexpected pieces that are fun to mix and match, instead of having arm candy sold to me in predictable sets (cough **Alex and Ani** cough). However, I will make an exception for the company Milk & Honey.

Milk & Honey Power Mini Bracelets

I found these bracelets at a local store that specializes in healing stones, meditation books, tons of incense, and weekly palm readings by the sweetest woman. I’m not sure if it’s the smell of the store, the abundance of crystals, or the tonal CD played at just the right volume level, but I always feel completely at ease whenever I scoot in.

These bracelets are made of stones that have their own properties for boosting your skills or healing life’s ailments. Want to foster more creativity? Try this bracelet! Need help relaxing? This bracelet will ease your busy mind; when I looked through the handout many of the stones really spoke to me.

No, I’m not someone who believes wearing a bracelet will magically take care of every issue, or else the entire world would be sporting some esoteric arm candy, singing kumbaya, and pushing bombs into the water. In fact, I think it’s the placebo effect I enjoy when I put one on, and that’s perfect.

Every few weeks I try to stop into the store and pick up a new bracelet, slowly growing my collection. Sometimes I grab but other times I ponder. The first one I took home was rose quartz. Last week I brought home a lovely Botswana Agate bracelet. Even better, these “Power Minis” are a wallet-friendly $6, though there are two other sizes for $9 or $12.

Is it a little cheating because I’m not scouring cases for a unique piece? Perhaps, but when was the last time of a thrifted bracelet helping you dream easy? 😉




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