What to do when you buy bad wine

This lives on my desk, but I wouldn't be surprised if someone steals it because duh. Too awesome.

This lives on my desk, but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone steals it because duh. Too awesome.

People get antsy at the office when 2:30 rolls around on a Friday. Why, might you ask? Because of our long-standing tradition of being able to imbibe when the clock strikes 3:00pm! Most people prefer microbrew beers. Some cider. And there are the few, the proud, the mainly ladies, who duck out to Cumbies (Aka: Cumberland Farms gas station) to grab a bottle of wine for a few minutes (okay, more like an hour) of mid-afternoon work gossip.

As any wine fan knows gas stations aren’t the best places to buy fermented grapes. Expect swill brands with shockingly high price tags in relation to quality. Hell no am I paying $9.00 for an up-priced bottle of Barefoot.

Instead, I go for the real’ good stuff: Tisdale. This fan favorite of college students who’re making their way over from slapping the bag with Franzia is perfectly fine @ 3pm on a Friday, but come the weekend when you have 3 glasses to work through it’s easy to regret your $4.49 choice. Still, I’m not one to pour give or take $3.50 down the drain….

Red Wine Spritzer

If you go with Tisdale’s fine Pinot or Chardonnay you can ideally use the leftover you don’t want to stomach for cooking. Think seafood scampi or mussels drowned in wine and sprinkled with garlic. True, you can also cook with reds, but I don’t find myself making a lot of beef dishes that require a boozy red sauce or glaze, so instead I turn the remainder of my poor choice into a fizzy spritzer with the aid of some seltzer. And let me tell you, a winter spritzer is almost better than one sipped in the summer.Now, kick back, relax, and marvel at your savvy, tipsy ways.




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