A (Sun)Day in the Life of Jocellyn Harvey

Brunch at Sneakers

After one of the coldest winters in recent history, today’s deliciously balmy 34 degree weather was much appreciated. Compared to the months of needing one to avoid frost bite on the ears, today a hat was only necessary for fashionable purposes. People meandered down the sidewalks instead of scuttling into stores simply to stay warm. Why, we all walked with our heads held high, necks no longer needing to bend in order to protect our faces from biting winds. Rumor even has it our seasonal patience grew three sizes this day πŸ˜‰

And thus I celebrated by enjoying brunch with a friend and bopping around the South End of Burlington with no real plans except to relish my first relaxing walk in ages.

(also, I could take photos without my fingers freezing off, so, enjoy!)

Bento Sushi Burlington, VT

Walking to a yoga class I was subbing for and staring longingly at Bento, my new favorite Sushi to-go spot. Soon, belly. Soon.

Black Leather Purse

Peeping at this beautiful bag in the window of Liebling. Yes it costs more than my rent, but I’m definitely considering putting my bonus money toward it, because hot damn I worked hard last year!

Brunch at Sneakers

Poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, house-made corn beef hash, home fries, and a Cosmosa from Sneakers in Winooski. It’s the one brunch spot you want to have a wait for because you can run over to the Monkey House bar and down a mimosa (or 2…) before your table is ready.

Brunch Doggy Bag

So filling I had extras to take home! Also stopped to get a hot chocolate with a shot of espresso to help keep me from falling into an all afternoon sleep coma.

Street Art

I took some artsy-fartsy back alley routes on my errands. Hearts were everywhere- I think it’s a good sign.


Speaking of signs: this is the worst thing about spring; when the snow melts you realize no one has been adhering to this common courtesy rule. Bleck.

Ivy Building

A beautiful ivy-covered building whose window you probably don’t want to see if you’re tripping…I’d imagine.

Love Book and Tea

Green tea and my new coffee table book titled “Love”. Not a bad way to end my walkabout.



4 thoughts on “A (Sun)Day in the Life of Jocellyn Harvey

  1. being american when you say “balmy 34 degrees” you meant fahrenheit right? because i did a conversion and it’s 1 degree celcius! Tropical me complain of being cold at 15! However I’ll gladly wrap myself up to see those lovely sights πŸ™‚

    • Thank you πŸ™‚ I really love the bag but I did some soul searching & decided I’m going to take my bonus $$ and put it into a pre-paid card so I can use it to go out to nice restaurants this summer! #LivingLarge πŸ˜‰ I can still save up for it, though.

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