Sleeping Nude and Dressing for Spring

Denim shorts styled with cable sweater and heels

Let me start by saying I’m a nude sleeper. That’s right, when I close the bedroom door at night it’s all boobs and buns.

Frankly, I find sleeping in clothes suffocating and hot. I only wear clothes to bed for two occasions. First is when I have to crash at a friend’s house and am comfortable enough to share a bed with them (more like too princessy to sleep on a mere, mortal couch) but not comfortable enough to completely disrobe, because, you know, that can send some mixed messages.

The other time is when the seasons change and I cannot figure out the right temperature for the house or the right blanket to use for a restful night. That is when the tanks and shorts slide on and my generally nude parts start to feel a little oppressed.

But this post isn’t really about my sleeping habits, though. It’s about despite how much I hate these seasonal changes for sleeping I love them for my closet. They allow me to play around and mix and match things that would be too cold for winter or too hot for summer.

Denim shorts, Banana Republic heels, cable sweater

Like this: think cute shorts, a chunky sweater to keep my perpetually cold female arms warm, and then cute heels to remind myself that there is footwear beyond the bootie, despite what winter has been telling me.

What is your style when the temps are still trying to figure themselves out?



Ps: this whole look is thrifted! Yes, I still got it when it comes to shopping at Goodwill. The shorts are high-waisted and from GAP. Judging by the texture and wash I’d say they are a few years old. Not quite from the 90s but they have that vibe.

The fabulous cable sweater is unfortunately tagless so I don’t know the brand. All you need to know is that it’s the warmest thing ever. The heels are from Banana Republic and while they’re a deep maroon they kind of look like a nude on my skin tone. This belt is one I got way back in college.

Total cost: $12


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