Dust off the sunglasses

Or better yet: A tale of Jocellyn’s behind- a booty not big enough to break the internet, but ample enough to crush a pair of sunglasses.


Which do you like best? I’m personally a big fan of the aviators, but the middle ones are kind of funky.

I’m a thrifty shopper, but there are certain things I don’t mind spending money on if I have the extra cash lying around. In no particular order some examples would be good shoes, denim, and cocktails that cost the same as an entrée.

One area I’ve historically never spent a lot of money in is the eye wear department, because I’m so clumsy when it comes to my sunnies. For years I used to sit down with abandon only to hear a reaffirming crunch, signifying that I’d yet again broken another set of frames. I went from faux-splurging on $20 off-season Calvin Klein shades at TJ Maxx to buying $2 ones at Goodwill, because I simply cannot to trusted with nice things.

Admittedly so, I’ve found some pretty bad ass shades at the good ol’ G-Will that I’d still be upset if I sat on because they’re “one of a kind”. But to cut down on this I’ve had to train myself to not put them down on soft places like bed, chairs, and couches (basically anywhere my buns would come in contact) and instead place them in decorative bowls. Currently my shades residing in this funky pineapple platter, so as long as I don’t suddenly have the urge to lift my foot three feet into the air and place it down on my bureau they should be safe…



2 thoughts on “Dust off the sunglasses

  1. I so agree that it’s not a bad idea to splurge on sunglasses. I used to work in a high-end optical shop and saw first-hand how much better higher quality sunglasses were. I know I’ll always break my glasses (I’m clumsy too) but at least I know if they’re good ones, they’ll last years before they’re completely destroyed.

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