It happened to me: I fell victim to a questionable fashion trend.

Summer Style

 At 24 I’m still quite the whippersnapper, but I’d say I’ve finally reached that age where I’m really starting to see the cyclical nature of clothing & trends. Things that fell out of fashion are now kind of ragey again and infiltrating my Instagram feed.

One style that I remembered rocking as a child of the 90s was tying a jacket around the waist. It was partly done for utilitarian purposes because as children our parents insisted on bundling us up in layers, even if the weather was sweltering, and after running around and playing tag we needed someplace to put our jackets. We couldn’t leave them across the field, lest our parents swing by in the minivan and shame us for not wearing them, so around the waist they went with one bunchy knot holding it all together. Plus, it was a pretty cool look, too, like only wearing one backpack strap!

But when did that opinion shift. Was it when we got lockers & could stuff our jackets away? Or for females when wearing one between the ages of 12-15 was a tell-tale sign that you’d “become a woman” at the most inopportune of times & you were trying to make it from math to the bathroom with your behind covered and your pride intact? For guys I cannot be sure: probably when they wanted to start sagging their jeans & letting their sweet boxers hang out.

Either way, the look fell out of favor, but has been slowly creeping back. First with that whole “wear your boyfriend’s button up as a skirt” look and now with 1million+ following Instagrammers rocking that effortless tie.

Ignore my janke pedicure. It has since been remedied 😉

I wasn’t going to grab onto those dangling sleeves & pull myself onto the bandwagon, but, and it happened to me, last weekend I had to do it.

I was spending a day out and about with myself when the clouds separated and the sun started beating down with everything it had. I had my big bag on me and could have easily dealt with the thin cardigan that was feeling like a big wool sweater. “Butt”, there were a few issues.

First being the cute little black dress. I got it as a basic basic & it has a penchant of creeping up with every step. And I had 6 blocks of hills to walk. And I was getting to the end of my laundry and had only the most comfortable yet VPL of granny-panties underwear on. Sooo, you see my conundrum.

Refusing to suffer in the heat or show off my buns (and super offensive underwear line) I summoned my inner 90s child, grabbed onto both arms, and tied the cardigan around my waist; it was like riding a bike.

And I hate to admit it, but I kind of liked it.





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