What to do when you buy bad wine

This lives on my desk, but I wouldn't be surprised if someone steals it because duh. Too awesome.

This lives on my desk, but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone steals it because duh. Too awesome.

People get antsy at the office when 2:30 rolls around on a Friday. Why, might you ask? Because of our long-standing tradition of being able to imbibe when the clock strikes 3:00pm! Most people prefer microbrew beers. Some cider. And there are the few, the proud, the mainly ladies, who duck out to Cumbies (Aka: Cumberland Farms gas station) to grab a bottle of wine for a few minutes (okay, more like an hour) of mid-afternoon work gossip.

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Milk & Honey Power Mini Bracelets

Botswana Agate – Adaptation helps one handle change in a positive way. Increases creativity and intuition. Said to alleviate insomnia and bring pleasant dreams.

Rose Quartz – Love Promotes love and passion. Opens the heart chakra to all forms of love: self love, family love, platonic love, and romantic love.

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Knitting, because I need a Hobby

Jade, a blogger from Sydney by way of Saigon (or is it Saigon by way of Sydney??- please enlighten me dear), has been a longtime follower of this site and recently my Instagram account. Frankly, I think she’s the coolest. I already told this budding architect that I was going to commission her to build all 4 of my houses. I look at her Instapics and wish I was one of her friends posting up on a boat in the Australian waters; lady, someday our paths will have to cross when they finally make a budget airline to down under.

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Sweater Weather in Vermont

Once I discovered the maxi dress and its entire curve hugging capabilities I really started to enjoy dressing for the summer. The simplicity of slipping something over my head, accenting with a leather belt, and then throwing on a pair of sunglasses is something I can appreciate, especially since most summer mornings I’m dragging myself out of bed from a mean mimosa or pina colada hangover…on the weekends only, of course!

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Rosemary and Sage Salt

Herbed salt

In hindsight, I realize I could truly benefit from having a mini-herb garden. I cook enough that having some basil, thyme or rosemary on hand would be quite useful, but since I have a penchant for over-watering plants and neglecting them at just the wrong stage of development I am forced to buy herbs from the grocery store.

Oh, the humanity.

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Strutting in my Nicole Banyan Pumps!

Nicole Banyan Heels

“If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you it’s yours forever. If it doesn’t then it was never meant to be.” – A wise person once said about clothing!

A few weeks ago I popped into the shoe store (the same one I got my Nicole Flats from) and saw another pair of Nicole stunners. Instead of being low-riders they were a high and mighty pump that were classic but made a statement. I loved the neutral color, the shape of the opening, and the gold bar that ran across the back.

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Green Juice and a Homemade Cleaner

green juice and DIY cleaner

I like a good old-timey phrase and “waste not, want not” is up there when it comes to sanctimonious quips I hope to someday unleash on my children and subsequent grandchildren. Whenever a situation of zero or close to zero waste arises thanks to my savvy thinking, I give myself a firm pat on the back. That is exactly what I did last weekend after making this green juice!

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