Are you there spring? It’s me, Jocellyn

Gold Rope Necklace

Rumor has it Monday is supposed to be 70 degrees and sunny, but I’m a New Englander who has gone through this relentless winter and is skeptical of “so-called” weather reports.

If the claims are true then I’ll rejoice and drink a cocktail to celebrate the first, officially gorgeous day of spring. If they’re false then I’m walking into work, putting in my notice, and getting on a plane to the USVI, rent and student loan and car payments and responsibilities be damned!

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Milk & Honey Power Mini Bracelets

Botswana Agate – Adaptation helps one handle change in a positive way. Increases creativity and intuition. Said to alleviate insomnia and bring pleasant dreams.

Rose Quartz – Love Promotes love and passion. Opens the heart chakra to all forms of love: self love, family love, platonic love, and romantic love.

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The Little Blue Box


As a girl my favorite color was purple and it covered all four walls of my room. Now I have many “favorite” colors: colors for wearing, colors for my someday kitchen, colors I like to see men wear, colors that look best on my nails.

They depend on mood and lighting, and picking and choosing isn’t as easy as it used to be during my purple days.

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Casual Dressings

Some days call for classic, comfortable outfits. No frills. Back to the basics. Maybe it’s laundry day. Or maybe it’s that, you know, time of the lunar calendar. Or perhaps you feel like stripping back the layers. The clock magically sped up in the morning and you were running late for work and had no time to concoct complicated combos of fabric textures and diverse prints on the fly. You want to slip past coworkers and classmates unnoticed. Whatever the reason.

In these bare bones times, the best thing one can reach for is comfortable denim—my personal favorites are any Legging Jean by Gap—slouchy shirts, and neutral-tone footwear.


If you just can’t help yourself from jazzing  up, keep it simple with a bold piece of jewelry. A necklace or a bracelet, but not both.




Sam E. Boots. These were actually featured in one of the first IDOP blog posts!

Sam E. Boots. These were actually featured in one of the first IDOP blog posts!

This is an outfit where instead of coming home and stripping off layers* you’re comfortable enough to: lounge about on the couch, catch up on good reading, cook a meal, and have quiet time with your cactus or cat or cuddle buddy. (I won’t tell you which one will give you a better cool factor.)

Fast Company Magazine; Hector; a bottle of Cab. I live a wild life.

Fast Company Magazine; Hector; a bottle of Cab. I live a wild life.




*Of course, if you must unhook the bra the that’s okay; even the most comfortable are medieval and as long as you put the top back on it still counts.

Don’t sip and shop


I think it’s no secret that I like to sip the libations. Champagne is bubbly and makes the brain feel fantastic. Ciders and wine make you feel a little heavy in the body, but all sorts of shmoozy. Hard liquor and cocktails are always a (mostly ) fun game of roulette: sometimes you’re philosophical, sometimes you’re down-right Ginsbergian, and every so often you’re just an ass. But I’ll all always be the first to admit that very smart things rarely come out of drinking, even if it’s just a two on the stupidity scale.

Perhaps you would have pondered that embarrassingly flirt-awkward text if you hadn’t had a martini. Or you wouldn’t have decided you were Wolf Gang Puck when the only thing your body with a belly full of hefeweizen should be whipping up is a piece of bread; drunk kitchen Youtube is great, but drunk kitchen real life is often too chaotic. You don’t have to be a fall down-drunk (that’s a whole other scenario) but when drinking the brain is often at A even if your body is at C.

Shopping when you’ve had a few, especially if the mode of purchase happens to be online, is best avoided. A few months ago I decided to cash in on a Living Social deal. For $25 dollars I would become the proud owner of a Bollywood inspired set of stacking bracelets that regularly retailed for $100. Even better, I had waited until the end of the month to scoop up the extra 20% off code.


Thrifty, I am. When sober….

I can’t remember what I was drinking (I think it was during my “just-discovering-gin-phase”) but I put in my card information and pressed enter. Immediately I realized I forgot to put in the discount code and frantically hit the backspace key. What was I thinking? Even my computer illiterate mother (sorry mom) knows better than that. I reran the order and felt very proud of myself. Until I got 2 Gmail voucher alerts and realized that in my slightly-stupid desire to be cheap I ended up paying way more than I expected and wanted. Last week I finally used the voucher to buy the bracelets, and I still feel silly.


Thankfully I have this amazing friend to give the second set to as a belated birthday gift. Moral of the story: hideaway the credit cards and the laptop when the booze starts flowing.





Bracelet by Amrita Singh


Trickle-down Fashiononimcs

If you’re having a day where you just want to be lying on a couch, but you have errands to run, these are the pants to wear out. The world will think you’re put together, even if you feel like a mess. These faux-silk drawstring pants were so great that I bought them in this gray and also an army inspired green.



I’ve had my eye on this style for quite some time, and it took them a year to make their way down from the upper echelons of high-end boutiques to the budget friendly racks of Marshalls, but it was well worth the wait. The jury is still out (sort of) on whether or not economics trickles down, but it’s safe to say that fashion styles, given time, have a greater ability to infiltrate closets of all budget ranges.

I love the gold accents on the drawstrings. They really drew me to these pants.  You can bring the bottom cuffs higher and fold the fabric over, or you can wear the pants fully stretched out. IMG_1041

If you feel a little too stuffy, a denim jacket is good for the fall air and softens the look.

In this case, it adds a completely different texture.

In this case, it adds a completely different texture.

Taking this look out at night is outrageously fun.


Like, outrageously. If an outfit makes you feel this way, rock it.

Like, outrageously. If an outfit makes you feel this way, rock it.

Some gold arm candy and unexpected red shoes.




These versatile pants could pair with a tucked int tank top, a cropped t-shirt, and even a sequined, bulky Cosby sweater and granny loafers, if you’re into wild street style.