It’s been forever since I posted. Normally I’d chalk it up to “eh,  it’s summer”, but I just don’t blog like I used to. WordPress has been a great friend, but I’ve always found it a bit clunky when it comes to sharing both text AND writing, because sometimes I just want to share a quick photo & other times I want to write a novel.

So, I’m excited to announce that while I won’t be on WordPress anymore you can find me over at my new site:

Powered by SquareSpace (#BuildItBeautiful) I love this “WYSIWYG” platform for several reasons. For one, it’s super clean & easy to customize. I also like how you can support just posting a photo (without weird blog date entries.) It’ll be an exciting place for me to really blend together the cream of my Instagram crop with my occasional loving of written musing.

Peace out girl & boy scouts!




Saturday night

It is a Saturday night, it’s raining to beat the band, and my sinuses are a little clogged. I have a choice to make. Shower, put on some mascara, push up the girls, and go buy two $15 amazing but way out of my budget cocktails? Or stay in with no bra on, my   old leggings that don’t really fit, watch Hulu, and bury my face in this truly decadent $30 glutenfree 15-inch pizza that will last me three sit downs, and swallow it down with a cider, lovingly patting my tummy afterward…. 
Hardly a hard choice 

Thursday is for wine

I’m as happy as a camel on hump day, but come Thursday I’m more like Eeyore. It’s my least favorite day of the week. A little long, not quite Friday, and even though I get paid every other Thursday, a good majority of that money goes straight into my checking out and right back out to pay the bills—a bit bittersweet.

So, if there is any day of the week I’m going to pour myself a nice, big glass of wine, it’s going to be Thursday. And while it’s fun to try a variety of brands, since Thursday is my least favorite day it seems a pertinent to grab a bottle I know I’m going to enjoy; might as well not sully an already lackluster day with a lackluster glass(es) of wine!


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A tiny blogging break!

Hello everyone!

I though I’d let you know that it is going to be a little quiet on I Dream of Poutine for the next few days. I’ll be traveling home to Maine for my brother’s wedding. As the youngest bridesmaid, I think it is a tad more acceptable for me to get sloshed at the wedding, so I cannot foresee any posts getting written over the weekend. I’ll be back in Vermont on Monday, and, pending how my body feels, look out for the weekly PIM.


Have a great weekend everyone!