A (Sun)Day in the Life of Jocellyn Harvey

Brunch at Sneakers

After one of the coldest winters in recent history, today’s deliciously balmy 34 degree weather was much appreciated. Compared to the months of needing one to avoid frost bite on the ears, today a hat was only necessary for fashionable purposes. People meandered down the sidewalks instead of scuttling into stores simply to stay warm. Why, we all walked with our heads held high, necks no longer needing to bend in order to protect our faces from biting winds. Rumor even has it our seasonal patience grew three sizes this day 😉

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Strawberry, Banana, Citrus Juice (add champagne)

fresh juice

Citrus juice

2 for 1 strawberry sales roll through Price Chopper on a regular basis and I always take advantage. I typically reserve one package for regular snacking and the other for an “on a whim” recipe. A few weeks ago it was unnaturally warm, and I had a hankering for a juice that would satisfy my sweet tooth.

Unlike most juices I share this one contains no greens, and while I didn’t have any champagne or prosecco on hand (shocking, I know) this recipe would be absolutely amazing with a healthy dose of the bubbly.

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