A new year, a new leather couch

Leather couch

It’s always nice when you move into a new apartment and the previous tenants are willing to leave some furniture behind. Usually it’s because they don’t want to lug it out themselves, so you take it, for free, hoping you’ll just pass it down to the next renter and avoid becoming the sap that has to bring it down a tricky flight of stairs.

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Flowers to Brighten up your Life


I’ve got a case of the Mondays. It’s a 12 hour work day for me, so I’m usually dragging buns when all is said and done (like right now as I write this post). But what gets me through this long day, and the rest of the week (besides the occasional glasses of red wine) is a pop of life and colors.

I’m talking about flowers.

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Cozy Weekends


Deserve is kind of a dirty word. It comes with a tinge of arrogance. No one wants to really admit they deserve anything, but they think it all the time. Well, I will say I most definitely deserved a new comforter! For five years I’d been using the same reversible throw, and I needed (yes, needed) something cozy and white and warm enough for winter that was also luxurious. What is better than swaddling your body in pillows of fluffy goodness?

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