Sleeping Nude and Dressing for Spring

Denim shorts styled with cable sweater and heels

Let me start by saying I’m a nude sleeper. That’s right, when I close the bedroom door at night it’s all boobs and buns.

Frankly, I find sleeping in clothes suffocating and hot. I only wear clothes to bed for two occasions. First is when I have to crash at a friend’s house and am comfortable enough to share a bed with them (more like too princessy to sleep on a mere, mortal couch) but not comfortable enough to completely disrobe, because, you know, that can send some mixed messages.

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Preparing my Closet for Fall

Fall clothing

This Vermont summer was absolutely magnificent. We had so many beautiful days and I definitely got a delicious dose of vitamin d. Then, out of nowhere, the temps dropped. It went from the 80s to the 60s in the span of two days, signifying that fall was ready to arrive.

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