A little tender love and care

It’s one thing to just lounge around your apartment and procrastinate, but when you’ve mentally penciled in a regular event to help you unwind, then the week’s stress seems less daunting and more meaningful.  Last semester I devised a perfect laid-back activity that was relaxing, fun, and made me feel pretty: painting my nails. There’s something fun about doing it yourself and I find the experience more enjoyable (and financial feasible) than going to the salon on a weekly basis. Plus once your nails are painted you can’t really do anything for at least an hour, so I consider it a forced time out. Tough life, huh? Set aside one night a week where you have a few hours to relax. Go down to a Redbox and rent something different. One night I rented Brave. The next week Lockout. Another time Prometheus. Get, dare I say, eclectic. Alert your parents, roommates, significant others that you need time to unwind in an undisturbed manner. Turn of off your cell—is it really worth it to smudge your new nails typing “lol” ?

Prep your nails. I love my three-way buffer. Bamboo skewers make great nail cleaners.  File in the same direction. Store your cotton pads/balls in a cute mini-mason jar.


I’m a personal fan of Essie Polish. I think it lasts way longer on natural nails than OPI. If you have a TJ Maxx nearby see if they have discounted bottles near the front.  Be fun with your colors. I’m pretty classical with my clothing and makeup, but my nails are where I get to play around.


Oh yeah. Don’t forget the alcohol! It’s what makes the night extra relaxing. This time around I had a Woodchuck (we match!) but usually I make myself one strong Cosmo or Fuzzy Navel.  Coincidentally, holding a martini glass with two hands is the only safe hand action when you’re sporting wet nails.


Feel pretty and well-relaxed. Repeat next week.




Some nail ideas I’ve played around with. The Louboutin idea is great for people with longer nails so you can really get in there and paint those undersides red.



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