A new year, a new leather couch

Leather couch

It’s always nice when you move into a new apartment and the previous tenants are willing to leave some furniture behind. Usually it’s because they don’t want to lug it out themselves, so you take it, for free, hoping you’ll just pass it down to the next renter and avoid becoming the sap that has to bring it down a tricky flight of stairs.

That was the lifestyle I was living until my “adopted” futon magically broke back in December. One day it was chilling and the next the bottom part was hanging on the floor and it could no longer be folded flat, which kind of defeats the purpose of owning a futon.

Now, it was still usable (sitable?) for the most part, but after a few weeks of looking at its haphazard form I realized needed to shake off my apathy and get a new couch.

If you’re lucky enough to get old furniture from a family member then you’ve been saved the sticker shock of seeing how much tables, couches, and the likes costs. To put it in a no-nonsense, real-world way: shit. is. expensive. Sure you can get a $20 couch from Goodwill, but if you have a small car (say, a Honda Civic) say goodbye to those plans. And even if you find that one friend with a truck, after paying them extra for help, and hauling the couch up the stairs, you’ll wish you paid for convenience.

Feeling particularly lazy I took my business to a nice used furniture store in the Burlington and bought myself a bonafide, gen-u-ine, leather “klick klack” couch. It can fold down when needed but has a more mature look than a futon. Even better, the center panel folds down, offering up two cup holders (in case you were curious, yes, they can accommodate a standard wine bottle). Add tax, $20 for delivery ,and the two bulky men that muscled the couch up the stairs 5x faster than I could while inversely producing 5x less sweat, and I felt the $190 felt extremely well-spent.

Oh, I cannot forget the cherry on top. I sold the janke futon frame and mattress to a young college couple in need for $15. They even dismantled and moved the goods themselves, thus continuing the circle of furniture hand me downs and keeping myself from becoming that aforementioned sap.



2 thoughts on “A new year, a new leather couch

    • Woo late response! My mistake 😉 But yes, when you can get one! They’re extremely nice and warm (or cool) to your body temperature perfectly. I’ve taken many a snooze on this beauty.

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