Are you there spring? It’s me, Jocellyn

Gold Rope Necklace

Rumor has it Monday is supposed to be 70 degrees and sunny, but I’m a New Englander who has gone through this relentless winter and is skeptical of “so-called” weather reports.

If the claims are true then I’ll rejoice and drink a cocktail to celebrate the first, officially gorgeous day of spring. If they’re false then I’m walking into work, putting in my notice, and getting on a plane to the USVI, rent and student loan and car payments and responsibilities be damned!

But I suppose I should be a mojito half full type of girl and put my faith in the almighty Doppler system.

Keeping in mind my new, positive outlook on the weather, you just might see me walking around Burlington in this bright look.

Pink American Apparel Dress

Pink American Apparel Dress

Pink American Apparel Dress

The magenta dress is from American Apparel (I snagged it for a cool $5 at their 90% off sale- am I good or am I good?) and hits right above the ankle. It’s sheer enough where interested looky-loos can stare all they want, but heavy enough that it actually isn’t see through- tantalizing in my opinion. Its lightness will also be great when the wind blows.

Gold Rope Necklace

The gold necklace was a Second Time Around find, and I love its versatility. You can wear it long or throw some knots in it. You can wrap it around the neck or, if you’re feeling particularly saucy, you can loosen the wrap and let the excess collect near your cleavage. I see it going with pieces that are fancy and pieces that are as laid back as Sunday afternoon.



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