Are you there spring? It’s me, Jocellyn

Gold Rope Necklace

Rumor has it Monday is supposed to be 70 degrees and sunny, but I’m a New Englander who has gone through this relentless winter and is skeptical of “so-called” weather reports.

If the claims are true then I’ll rejoice and drink a cocktail to celebrate the first, officially gorgeous day of spring. If they’re false then I’m walking into work, putting in my notice, and getting on a plane to the USVI, rent and student loan and car payments and responsibilities be damned!

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Flowers to Brighten up your Life


I’ve got a case of the Mondays. It’s a 12 hour work day for me, so I’m usually dragging buns when all is said and done (like right now as I write this post). But what gets me through this long day, and the rest of the week (besides the occasional glasses of red wine) is a pop of life and colors.

I’m talking about flowers.

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