A (Sun)Day in the Life of Jocellyn Harvey

Brunch at Sneakers

After one of the coldest winters in recent history, today’s deliciously balmy 34 degree weather was much appreciated. Compared to the months of needing one to avoid frost bite on the ears, today a hat was only necessary for fashionable purposes. People meandered down the sidewalks instead of scuttling into stores simply to stay warm. Why, we all walked with our heads held high, necks no longer needing to bend in order to protect our faces from biting winds. Rumor even has it our seasonal patience grew three sizes this day 😉

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Photos around Burlington

My life has been a little fun, a little wild, a little crazy, and a bit all over the place, this summer. It’s been filled with delicious cocktails, a few stumbling nights, a busy work schedule, and loads of time spent on the Burlington shores of Lake Champlain.

This doesn’t leave much time or energy for writing, but, baby, when the weather is this good it’s hard to stay hunched over the laptop 😉

Photos within!

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The World’s Best Gluten Free Pastry

Pics or it didn’t happen…

My usual philosophy on all things pretty and delicious


I have no Insta-evidence of what I’m going to tell you, so you must

believe me.


I ate a gluten free pastry that was buttery, flaky, and moist


3 words that aren’t usually used in conjunction with gluten free baked goods

I’m pretty sure the world stood still for one ravenous moment