A (Sun)Day in the Life of Jocellyn Harvey

Brunch at Sneakers

After one of the coldest winters in recent history, today’s deliciously balmy 34 degree weather was much appreciated. Compared to the months of needing one to avoid frost bite on the ears, today a hat was only necessary for fashionable purposes. People meandered down the sidewalks instead of scuttling into stores simply to stay warm. Why, we all walked with our heads held high, necks no longer needing to bend in order to protect our faces from biting winds. Rumor even has it our seasonal patience grew three sizes this day 😉

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Rosemary and Sage Salt

Herbed salt

In hindsight, I realize I could truly benefit from having a mini-herb garden. I cook enough that having some basil, thyme or rosemary on hand would be quite useful, but since I have a penchant for over-watering plants and neglecting them at just the wrong stage of development I am forced to buy herbs from the grocery store.

Oh, the humanity.

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Green Juice and a Homemade Cleaner

green juice and DIY cleaner

I like a good old-timey phrase and “waste not, want not” is up there when it comes to sanctimonious quips I hope to someday unleash on my children and subsequent grandchildren. Whenever a situation of zero or close to zero waste arises thanks to my savvy thinking, I give myself a firm pat on the back. That is exactly what I did last weekend after making this green juice!

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A Weekend Seasoning my Cast Iron Pan

Cast iron pan to season

Because I’m a Pisces I’m a little bit of everything. I’m a loner; I’m a social butterfly; I’m quiet; I’m obnoxiously loud; I’m a lover; I’m a grudge holder; Etc; Etc; Some might find the duality exhausting, but I like being able to turn off one side and snuggle up to another without feeling much shame or guilt. In the words of Lady Gaga: Baby, I was born this way.

This weekend I’m dancing with my drawn in side, which actually happens quite often. But really it’s the perfect weekend to be a shut in: my roommate is visiting home and the weather is cloudy and, I imagine, a bit cold. So, not wanting to let a good “stay-in” day go to waste, I’m going to use my time inside to season my “new” cast iron.

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My Summer: By Way of Instagram

This summer I’ve been noticeably absent from I Dream of Poutine. In my defense I think that a lot of bloggers, especially those who don’t make a significant amount of their income from their web musings, step back from their sites to enjoy the Vitamin D.

For a moment I felt bad about it, but we only get so many months of warmth in New England, thus I wanted to take full advantage of these beautiful months.

So, to make up for being away, here are some of my favorite Instagram photos from the summer. The majority were taken from my iPhone, as I didn’t want to take my Canon to the hot beach. The apps VSCO and Mextures help give my photos that great look. Hang in for the long ride!


This is my favorite antique shop: Barge Canal Market. It’s filled with amazing pieces, though most are fitted for those with a $100K+ income who’re looking to furnish their loft with Eames-like chairs and ‘60s retro looks. Still, I love poking around.

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Dry Rubbed Ribs and Sweet Summer Corn

I love large kitchen productions on the weekend, but sometimes I want a meal that is delicious yet involves the smallest amount of effort. With that in mind, I turn to one of my favorite comfort foods: ribs.

Ribs are incredibly easy to make in the oven and thanks to the low, long cook your house won’t get too hot in the summer and you’ll have plenty of time to get some tasks done while the ribs turn juicy.

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Sweet Tooth: A Green Watermelon Juice Recipe

watermelon juice 2

In case you hadn’t noticed, the world of I Dream of Poutine has been quiet for the past month. However, I’m in a new apartment and feeling 100% happier and more at ease, which means I’m ready to start up my writing once more. Yes, I moved…again! I’m in a cheaper spot that is far more relaxed and I look forward to coming home every night instead of dreading it; pictures of the new place to come.

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The World’s Best Gluten Free Pastry

Pics or it didn’t happen…

My usual philosophy on all things pretty and delicious


I have no Insta-evidence of what I’m going to tell you, so you must

believe me.


I ate a gluten free pastry that was buttery, flaky, and moist


3 words that aren’t usually used in conjunction with gluten free baked goods

I’m pretty sure the world stood still for one ravenous moment