It happened to me: I fell victim to a questionable fashion trend.

Summer Style

 At 24 I’m still quite the whippersnapper, but I’d say I’ve finally reached that age where I’m really starting to see the cyclical nature of clothing & trends. Things that fell out of fashion are now kind of ragey again and infiltrating my Instagram feed.

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My Summer: By Way of Instagram

This summer I’ve been noticeably absent from I Dream of Poutine. In my defense I think that a lot of bloggers, especially those who don’t make a significant amount of their income from their web musings, step back from their sites to enjoy the Vitamin D.

For a moment I felt bad about it, but we only get so many months of warmth in New England, thus I wanted to take full advantage of these beautiful months.

So, to make up for being away, here are some of my favorite Instagram photos from the summer. The majority were taken from my iPhone, as I didn’t want to take my Canon to the hot beach. The apps VSCO and Mextures help give my photos that great look. Hang in for the long ride!


This is my favorite antique shop: Barge Canal Market. It’s filled with amazing pieces, though most are fitted for those with a $100K+ income who’re looking to furnish their loft with Eames-like chairs and ‘60s retro looks. Still, I love poking around.

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I Dream of Summer Fashion

Summer Fashion

By New England standards the last few days have been exceptionally balmy. To give you an idea, on Monday it was 25 degrees and I was upset that I had to drive to work that day because I would have much rather walked. Yes, we’re crazy for living here, but we suffer through these mad months for three glorious months of summer. However, at least four of those weeks are filled with rain….Enough with this math though!

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